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     Welcome to our site. We here at have created this free sight, to help both traders and short term investors with trading adrs. In addition, our trading team has created a system wich reveals the secrets to trading ADRs successfully. We recommend everyone who is interested in trading ADRs to purchase this guide. If you are interested in trading ADRs you can sign up to our ADR Gold membership and we will do all the research and send you our winning ADR picks to you every week.

    Let us tell you about who we are. We are a group of experienced swing traders and position traders who created a system of trading ADRs out of a need to beat the market and come out ahead. We found that most people who trade win some trades and lose some trades and get caught up in a vicious cycle of just breaking even. Our system  that we developed  analizes world markets and their indexes, and ADR indexes .  We developed our system so that when the US markets are performing poorly, you can still make money because there are always other markets in the world that are doing well. These countries that their stock markets are healthy and are in an uptrend, have companies that trade on US markets so there is not the risk involved in trading a foreign stock in a foreign country. These stocks are called ADRs. What we do, for an example is, when the US is crashing, and China is booming we are going to choose great Chinese ADRs (stocks) for you, which should go up and make you explosive profits. Why would these stocks go up? For two reasons. First the stock which we did our  complete technical analysis shows us that the stock is set up to soar near term, and second because this stock is from a country whose index  is booming, (according to our in depth analysis of Chinas stock market indexes). 

All the information on this sight is Free, to help traders or short term investors like yourself to gain a better understanding of data that will help you trade ADRs. Check out our  ADR Gold service and  our ADR system Guide  that we offer to succeeed with trading ADRs and profiting  from them.

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