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Countries Indexes outperforming and leading all other world indexes right now are India, Hong Kong, Chile, Mexico, and Argentina. See our foreign country page here to compare and to find out worst performing Indexes. Subscribe to our ADR Gold service to know which ADRs you should be buying right now!
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STOCK PICKS FOR THIS WEEK   October 21-24, 201

These markets have experienced a serious correction last week, creating some wonderful set ups for swing traders. Since August these markets have been extremely volatile. It is Volatility in this market that allows traders to profit and make huge gains!  

There are certain ADRs that are a BUY right now, and certain ADRs that are a strong SELL right now. Subscribers to our ADR trading system get the names of the best ADRs to buy right now and the names of the best ADRs to sell right now. Please see our foreign stock market page to see which countries are in an uptrend and which countries are in a downtrend. Once we analyze all ADR indexes and world Indexes we choose accordingly which ADRs to BUY and SELL. We believe in always analyzing the Macro first and then the Micro! 

One Great stock this week to keep an eye on:

Canadian Pacific Railway Limited , Railroads-Canada 
 Canadian stock,  announced their earnings yesterday. Great company and a very volatile stock.  One can make a small fortune just trading this stock alone. Our subscribers receive exact buy and sell signals of CP as well as our other fantastic ADR and foreign stock picks. 

TTM- Tata Motors Limited 
Auto Manufacturer - India 
Another great pick from our many picks this week . We believe if TTM manages to break resistance and rise  above 47.00, our short term target is set at 52.00. 

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By: Shoshana Antelman