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According to the Bank of New York Mellon ADR Indexes when  analyzing ADR index performance charts. Asia is leading then Europe. then emerging markets. Latin America is the underperfomer  compared to Europe,Asia, and emerging markets. Below is further analysis based on ADR Index charts. SEE CHART BELOW.

Europe :
Latin America: 


This information is very important when you want to trade ADRs. Our ADR picks are carefully chosen once wehave done our complete analysis and research
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STOCK PICKS FOR THIS WEEK   October 20, 2014

These markets have experienced a serious correction this past week, creating some wonderful set ups. There are certain ADRs that should be bought right now, and certain ADRs that are a strong SELL right now. This means according to our ADR trading system you should be trading these stocks right now in these specific countries. We believe in always analyzing the Macro first then the Micro! 

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India's Sensex Index! recommended TTM- Tata Motors last week- Indian ADR. We are watching carefully for more set ups in Indian ADRs !